Thermal imaging is a service that is often overlooked, but homeowners shouldn’t ignore this helpful benefit. Sometimes your home could have hidden issues, and a thermal imagining inspection can help bring those to light, hopefully before the problem becomes any bigger. Here are some major benefits to getting thermal imaging services:

  1. It can detect pests: When pests or bugs make your house their home, they can cause damage very quickly. Thermal imaging can detect the temperatures of these little critters, cute or not, telling you exactly where they are so you can get rid of them quickly. Nobody wants to get cozied up next to a family of harmful pests in their homes, so if you suspect something has moved in, give us a call so we can find them and you can evict them.
  2. It detects moisture: Moisture in a home can lead to mold, which becomes a health hazard. Moisture and mold tend to show up in darker, air-restricted areas of your home, such as laundry rooms or air ducts. A thermal imagining inspection can detect these hidden spots, making it much easier to adequately deal with the problem.
  3. It helps with energy efficiency: Drafty areas around your home can be costly. With thermal imagining, you can find where those drafts are located and minimize heat/cooling loss and make your home more efficient. It can pinpoint exactly where the problem areas are so you can address only what’s needed, saving you money on utility bills and on any necessary repairs. Plus, energy-efficient homes are generally valued more, which means you can likely expect a better sell price on your home when it comes time to list it.
  4. It will detect electrical hotspots: This detection is especially helpful in older homes. Over time, electrical systems begin to erode, which can create hotspots or other issues. These problems can turn into dangerous situations such as a house fire. A thermal imaging inspection will show exactly where these spots are, making it much easier to find where repairs are needed.
  5. It can detect some structural issues: A thermal imaging inspection will show temperature differences in the ceilings, floors, and walls throughout your home. These differences can indicate issues such as damaged structural portions or missing components within the home. Knowing exactly where these issues are will make the repair process much more effective.
  6. It can detect leaks in your roof: A leaking roof is never a good thing, and a thermal imaging inspection will show where moisture may be gathering at specific spots. This information tells the inspector where the roof may be leaking so you can tackle the source of the problem as well as potential water damages inside the home.

Our expert team at RAM Builders not only knows how to perform thermal imaging inspections, but we also know the proper way to tackle the repairs. Don’t trust this service to just anyone. Call us with any concerns.


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