Home Exterior Remodeling

(Change Stucco Color, Resurfacing, Etc.)

Home Exterior Remodeling

If you’re replacing your existing home’s exterior cladding it’s extremely important to do it right. We have worked with dozens of people who had previously spent $10,000 or more in repairs or replacement of some part of their homes exterior, only to have the problems reoccur or had new problems crop up, due solely to improper or inferior repairs. This is exactly why it is so important to have the work done properly and thoroughly the first time.

RAM Builders also specializes in working on homes that are occupied and landscaped. Additionally, we are sensitive to the needs and concerns of affected neighbors. Our employees don’t carry out construction projects leaving drink cups and lunch trash all over the job site. And you won’t need to hire a landscaper to make repairs to your yard or replace your concrete porch or drive that often occurs after so many exterior repairs in the valley. We take great efforts to protect your property while we work, including covering the cement flat work, the ground, plants and trees with burlap, which keeps stucco out of your flower beds and off your plants . You will also have access to your home during the repair process. We place the scaffolding so that you can still access and use your garage and front door! This is standard procedure for RAM, at no special request!

Many of the leaks that we fix are due to the improper work one subcontractor ties into another subcontractor’s efforts. At these joining connections a flashing is usually required. Since it’s at a transition point it’s often unclear who provides the flashing so, many times the critical flashing simply fail to get installed. (Usually the contractor providing the flashing is not the contractor tying into the flashing, therefore the second contractor that’s tying into it may not understand what it’s for or how to conduct a proper tie-in correctly. If the crucial flashing is not tied into correctly, it can actually direct more water into the home than would happen if the flashing were not there in the first place!

Initially, the window installers flash the windows. It’s then up to the stucco, stone, or brick contractor to tie-in his building papers correctly. Failure to correctly tie into the window flashings will cause a leak. Numerous problems can arise by organizing this “tie-in” procedure between sub-contractors. For example, some of the flashings may blow off between the time they’re installed and the installation of the exterior clad that’s going to tie the flashings together. The stucco, stone, or brick contractor may not take the time, have the knowledge, or have the material, to re-flash the window, since it’s perceived to not be part of their job stage.

RAM Builders will not make these mistakes; our employees will install your entire exterior. We know the importance of tying each part of the exterior in to the next part, so that the proper overlapping effect is maintained from the roof all the way down to the foundation.

Home Exterior Remodeling
Since we have done this kind of work for so many years. even specialty work like the custom castings above, all these areas can be handled with the utmost expertise.
Home Exterior Remodeling
Architectural accents, like the copper roof accents shown above, can add to the value and appeal of your home.
RAM Builders
Decorative “foam” accents, like the ones shown above, can really dress up a home. They are covered in fiberglass mesh and a cement base coat for durability that lasts and lasts.
  • Installation or replacement of stucco, stone, brick, roof, windows, doors, soffit & fascia, rain gutters & down spouts, water proof decks.
  • Replace wood siding with stucco- a completely maintenance free exterior, eliminating the need to stain and paint the exterior of your home. Upgrade your windows, doors, and roof.
  • Want to Change your stucco color? If you’re going to change the color of your stucco take advantage of this opportunity to correctly make isolated repairs at the same time, then protect these repairs with the new stucco color coat. Reinforce the cracks in your stucco, fix leaking eave to wall connections, add missing flashings above your stone or brick wainscot, conduct any deck or cement flat work, replace your window and doors and properly tie them into your new reliable stucco system. Most customers actually find that they end up saving thousands by taking care of any small problems inexpensively now, while we’re properly handling the exterior recolor, resurface, re-coat process.
  • “If you want something done right, do it yourself”! RAM Builders will install the entire exterior of your home with our in-house employees. We use very few sub-contractors, rather we use our own highly trained and specialized employees because we have “ownership” for how all the parts of the exterior are installed and how they tie into each other. If you have a problem down the road there’s no finger pointing, no passing the buck, and no stucco contractor blaming the window or roof contractor.
  • RAM Builders will have a crew working on your home everyday! We will do all the work on your home exterior so there’s no waiting around for a sub contractor whose schedule we can’t control. If we find dryrot on your home you won’t be left waiting for us to find a carpenter to do the work, we have a full time carpentry staff with full specialized tools, equipment, knowledge, and experience.


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