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Residential Exteriors

Many of the leaks that RAM Builders fixes are due to the way one contractor ties into another contractors work. At these connections a flashing is usually required, since it’s at a transition point it’s often unclear who provides the flashing, so many times it’s not installed. Many times the subcontractor that’s providing the flashing is not the contractor that ultimately ties into the flashing, so the contractor that’s tying into it may not understand what it’s for or how to tie into it correctly. If the flashing is not tied into correctly it’s useless and not going to work. An improperly installed flashing can sometimes accelerate a problem. After windows are flashed by the window installer, its then up to the stucco, stone or brick contractor to tie his building papers into the window flashing. A correct tie-in is too often overlooked. Some of the flashing may blow off and the stucco, stone or brick contractor may not take the time to flash the window since it’s not their job. RAM Builders will not make these mistakes! Our employees will install your entire exterior with all components integrated correctly. We know the importance of tying each part of the exterior in to the next part, so that the shingle effect is maintained from the roof all the way down to the foundation. We use the knowledge that we have gained in repairing thousands of homes to build your new home or building right the first time.

RAM Builders
RAM Builders

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