Construction Repairs

Construction Repair is the main body of work that RAM Builders Stucco and Exteriors engage in. Our niche or specialty is fixing construction defects on the exteriors of homes that cause leaks and or water damage. Most of these leaks are caused by the different exterior contractors not tying into each other's work. Since most Construction Defect Repairs on exteriors have to do with the framing, roof, soffit, fascia, stucco, siding, stone, windows, and doors, come together RAM Builders is versed in all aspects of a home's exterior.

Experienced Construction Repair Professionals

Because of our versatility and knowledge of the exterior that comes from specializing in fixing leaks since 1996 we are qualified to do exterior remodels, or the replacement of windows, doors, and decks. About half the work we do is making improvements to a home and building.

Construction Repairs & Remodeling to Improve Value

Oftentimes a home or building owner will choose to upgrade or remodel the exterior as part of the construction repair process, thereby using costs associated with the construction repair that enhances their home or building, adding value to the home or building during the construction repair work.

Great Example of Initial Construction Needing Repairs

Many of the construction repair jobs that cost thousands of dollars to fix would have cost less than $100 to do correctly when the home was being built. This stucco system was installed around the beam without flashing and weep screed that would have let the water drain to the exterior of the stucco system.

The construction repair to install the metal flashing and weep screed and to replace the upper garage door wrap was under $2500. When the stucco was removed the beam was found to be compromised and had to be replaced, this cost another $6500. If you have isolated staining and cracking on your stucco system your home may be in need of a construction repair don't put it off for years, the sooner you get that construction repair the less likely you are to have extra work.

All the work for this beam stucco, beam, and drywall replacement, was done with RAM Builders Employees. Even when there is unexpected complicated construction repair we in-house employees do the construction repair.  RAM doesn't leave your home exposed and in a construction zone waiting for a sub-contractor to show up. Almost all construction repairs we do are done with in-house employees.


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