Soffit and Fascia

(Installation, Removal, and Replacement)

Soffit and Fascia

Metal soffit and fascia is found on most Utah homes. It serves this climate well because it doesn’t have to be repainted regularly like wood soffit and fascia. The different components of metal soffit and metal fascia do have to go on in a certain order for water to be directed away from the wood framing members which is covered by the metal. If enough of these components are installed with reverse lapping, then a leak or several leaks will occur. Even the exterior metal vents have to be tied into the stucco in a certain way. At RAM we do our own soffit and fascia work on- site. We bring a large metal break (i.e., a 12 foot long clamp that bends the metal) to the job and custom bend the metal components, along with the making of custom flashings as needed.

soffit and fascia repair and replacement Utah
A home where it was necessary to remove the existing soffit and fascia, in order to provide a proper tie-in to the stucco system.
soffit and facia repair
The correct integration of soffit and fascia components are particularly important at roof to wall connections.
Utah facia repair and replacement
It is clear from the photo above that water is traveling within the soffit instead of outside it as it should.
  • Wood soffit and fascia replaced with aluminum soffit and fascia will provide maintenance free eaves.
  • All soffit and fascia will have a baked enamel paint that doesn’t need to be maintained and be done out of aluminum so that it won’t rust.


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