About Our Company


RAM Builders Stucco & Exteriors has specialized in remedial construction since 1987. In a world where complacency and “It’s good enough” is often the standard, we are a company which believes wholeheartedly that “Everything Matters!” The business that we have chosen to pursue is not an easy one. Understanding and confronting latent construction defect brings with it a world of uncomfortable circumstances and complexities.


We have a deep understanding and sensitivity towards the effects that unforeseen home repairs can have on individuals and families. Construction law in Utah is “unfriendly” to homeowners; therefore, recourse is often unfeasible.

Nobody happily pays for unanticipated complex repairs. Another frustration that we are all too aware of is that some damage is often hidden behind outside surfaces. If we assume all liability for the unknown, your bid will naturally be inflated. If we include all in a desperate attempt to make a sale, then essential elements may be left out as profits disappear. Longevity in this industry can only be realized if a portion of the inevitable uncertainty is placed back on the homeowner, or preferably on the responsible party.

Another protocol that can be followed is to spend dollars for forensic discovery before an estimate is offered. Such discovery, however, can cost thousands of dollars on its own. Engineering costs are generally added to the cost of discovery as they will provide a “third party” plan for repairs.


Our extensive experience in this field allows us to provide sensible solutions without the need for discovery. Our plan for a “fix” will be responsible and sensible. The work ethic and longevity of our crews, as well as reasonable rates for “extra work ordered”, insures that we can offer the best possible value . WE WILL NOT OFFER REPAIRS THAT ARE NOT NECESSARY. WE WILL NOT OFFER REPAIRS THAT ARE SUPERFICIAL.

We treat every home and problem that we encounter as if they were our own. We are also very aware that if we take advantage in any way of customers because of the misfortune of dry rot and hidden damage then our future in this market is over. It is our pledge that once we start your job, you will have our full attention until it is 100% complete. We will provide open and active communication with you before, during, and after the job. Our crews do not smoke and they are entirely familiar with the particulars of working in and around occupied homes.

Since we have come into the state of Utah we have not had a single incident of theft. We will stand behind our work and our workers. We carry workers comp and commercial liability insurance, always. We have a company safety program that includes individual acceptance, as well as weekly meetings and biannual training. We will serve you and your needs to the best of our abilities.


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