Why Use RAM Builders Stucco & Exteriors?

RAM Builders Stucco & Exteriors has specialized in remedial construction since we started our business 35 plus years ago. We have taken what we have learned while repairing structures and broadened our services to include new construction and remodeling.

RAM Builders is a General Contractor (not a stucco contractor) that specializes in fixing construction defect
We understand that you will want to obtain bids from other contractors on your project. As you go about this, it is important to be cautious because most times there is no third party design or engineering provided. This design would work like a set of building plans and increase the chance that you would get comparable bids. Involving a qualified engineering & architectural firm to design and stand behind the repairs is a protocol that we prefer; however, we know that such an approach will double or triple the costs. Forensic exploration, removing stucco and other exterior components would become necessary. Costs would escalate as the engineers over design the repairs in an effort to limit their liability.

The current “design” or plan for repairs comes from our decades of specializing in these types of repairs. There are peculiarities and differences in every building that we understand plan for. By drawing on our experience of specializing in exactly these types of repairs, most of which have involved working with engineers and building scientists, we can provide a prudent plan for repairs for a fraction of the cost. There are good contractors, but most have little or no remedial construction experience. The current economic slow down has forced some contractors to try repair work, but they will not have a tract record of success or experience in fixing construction defects. These new construction contractors are not going to have the design capabilities as different issues come up. Our trouble shooting and problem solving capabilities come from many years of experience, specializing in fixing construction defects. We have worked on several multi-million dollars projects, troubleshooting and solving leaks, with engineers and building scientist. We will implement these repair methods into the work on your project.
Obtaining comparable bids
Most contractors do new construction work and will not understand the cost associated with working on buildings and homes that are occupied and landscaped. In new construction, product that falls on the ground during the stucco applications isn’t a problem. Lunch or materials debris left lying on the ground and getting blown around by the wind, is probably expected. When working on people’s homes, around their cars, landscaping, and pavement, these things become a huge problem. No one wins when a job is under bid. The result is cut corners, and as work methods fail, warranty calls go unanswered.
RAM Builders Employee’s
RAM Builders Stucco & Exteriors employees work almost exclusively on existing homes and buildings and it’s their normal routine to protect the landscaping, concrete, outdoors furniture, barbeques, etc., on occupied homes. All of our jobsite foremen and our employee’s know our work methods and have the skills to do the work effectively and efficiently. Almost all of our work will be done on your building will be done with “in-house” employees. Any sub-contracted work will be completed with contractors that we have a long-standing relationship with. Contractors that use sub-contractors don’t know if they’re getting the new guy, or the experienced guy. They don’t have control over their sub-contractor’s schedule and often times the work will get dragged out, or worse, done out of order. These are not issues that you will face when you hire RAM.
RAM Builders Stucco & Exteriors includes a 2-year workmanship warranty with all the repair work that we do. We literally have thousands of these warranties along the Wasatch Front, in Texas and in California on homes and buildings that we have repaired. That’s proof that our work methods work, otherwise our warranty claims would have put us out of business. Check the Better Business Bureau or go through referrals given on our website, and you’ll know that if you have a problem in a few years, we will be around to fix it. We take our warranty seriously, we intend to fix any problem that comes from our work being done incorrectly. If there is a problem down the road, we will be around to trouble shoot the leak and find out if it’s a warranty issue or a leak related to a separate defect.


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