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Remedial construction, particularly as it relates to stucco and masonry repair, can be complex. We hope that within this site you can find answers to questions that you may have regarding a post construction problem or to make plans for the future exterior of a home or commercial building. As you navigate through the site you will see a lot of shocking pictures of what can happen behind improperly installed stucco, stone, brick, and other exterior finishes like waterproof decking. It’s not our intention to scare you into unneeded repairs on your home or business. We know that our future relies on our ability to provide reliable, yet prudent and cost effective repairs. We also don’t want to dwell on the negative; yet, because so much of what we deal with everyday is the discovery of hidden construction defects, the negative aspects are pretty much unavoidable.

Here at RAM, we don’t feel that the kind of building defects being experienced by so many people today are due to the malicious intent of a few bad builders. We have been repairing complicated problems in homes for more than 30 years and we have found that such malice is rare. As we have repaired thousands of homes in Utah, it has become clear to us that a common collection of unfortunate circumstances has come together to create the types of problems found behind many masonry exteriors. A rise in the complexity of architecture, mixed with the hasty introduction of new products to the market, as well as a lack of third party inspections, has led to the hidden damage that is often encountered along the Wasatch Front. RAM Builders Stucco & Exteriors is the most qualified company in the market to help you resolve your problems dealing with construction defect. We have the experience and specific knowledge to provide lasting solutions to the post construction problems that you might face. We would appreciate the chance to provide our services to you.



Shaan Sanderson

Owner, RAM Builders Stucco & Exteriors


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