Love it or hate it, the painted exterior brick trend is here to stay. And it’s not just common with freshening up older homes. We have seen many people build brand-new, custom homes with a basic brick solely with the intention to paint it. Painted exterior brick can make a home look fresh, clean, and unique, sometimes even transforming the entire look of the home. We know it’s not for everyone, but if you’re interested in doing it but nervous about the commitment, here are some pros and cons to help you make your decision:

Pros of painting your brick

  1. Painted brick can boost your curb appeal. If you have a brick home and you just don’t love the color of it or the brick is very outdated, there are numerous options for changing the color and giving it a fresh look. Greys and whites are very common right now, but you shouldn’t feel limited to those choices. Be creative, but purposeful and intentional, in the color choice and stand out from the other cookie-cutter homes.
  2. Protects and makes it easier to clean. A high-quality paint can protect your brick from weather conditions and fading because it adds a layer of coating that helps prevent water from getting into the brick. It’s also a smooth finish, which makes cleaning a breeze and helps to keep dirt and debris from sticking to your home.
  3. It covers cosmetic issues. If you’re in an older home with some cosmetic blemishes (or exterior damages you have repaired properly and now want to cover up), painting can give it a fresh, clean slate. You don’t want to attempt to cover major problems that need to be repaired, of course, instead use it for cosmetic issues and to liven up the home overall.

Cons of painting your brick

  1. There is no going back. If you decide to paint your brick, be prepared that you won’t be able to take it off. This is not a decision to take lightly, so you must be absolute in your decision before you paint. You can, however, change the color any time you want.
  2. You will need to repaint. Even if you love the color, you’ll need to repaint it every few years to keep it looking amazing. The paint will flake and fade over time with typical wear, and to keep your home as beautiful as it was painted on day one, you’ll want to freshen it up as needed. Keep the same color or use it as a chance to change again if you want. A professional job with high-quality paint will ensure the longest lasting project.
  3. You may need to clean your exterior more often. Depending on the color, it may be easier to see dirt and debris. However, cleaning isn’t difficult with a nice pressure washer, so if you decide to paint, add one of those on your shopping list.

With most home projects, the key is doing it right. If you decide to paint your home, hiring our team of professionals ensures you will have a great outcome on your project.


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