Dry rot is like mushrooms. It’s a fungus that can get established in wet wood. Dry rot doesn’t happen in dry wood, the wood has to be moist. Normally dry rot occurs where there is a water leak entering the home. As the fungus matures, it shrinks and cracks the lumber.

Construction Dry Rot Damage Repair Leaking Window by RAM Builders Stucco & Exteriors

Dormant Stage of Dry Rot

Even after the water source (the leak) has been repaired, the fungus that causes the dry rot will remain. This fungus can survive a wide range of conditions by staying dormant when its too wet or dry. Once the dampness of the wood returns to the ideal range, the dry rot starts to grow again.

Internal Dry Rot Damage in Construction Defects

Determining the Cause of the Water Source/Leak

The most important advice for any homeowner with a wet wall problem is before beginning any construction repairs to the dry rot area, be sure that you find the location of the water source/leak and make the proper repairs to eliminate any future problems. The following are some common problems to look out for.

This type of rot shows up at the lower corners of the windows and spreads out from there. In extreme cases, the entire wall area under the window can be rotten. To solve this problem, the window will need to be removed. At times the said window may need to be replaced due to it being compromised/damaged or a window pan may need to be installed. The window will then be re-installed and correctly flashed.

Improperly constructed connections are a common problem. Keep an eye out for trouble in these locations:

- Eave to wall connection

- Roof to wall connection

- Eave to roof connection

Dry Rot Construction Repair by RAM Builders Stucco & Exteriors

Dry Rot Damage Repair by RAM Builders Stucco & Exteriors


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