Stucco Repair Is Art + Science

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Repairing stucco might seem easy, but the work has to be done right or it won’t last.Nothing lasts forever, least of all stucco, no matter how skillful the original craftsman was who installed yours in the first place. You will need repairs, the question is when.

If your stucco is compromised, be it from cracks, buckling or other issues, you are going to want to address the problem right away, because the longer you wait, the worse it will get.

Experience Required

When you hire someone to repair your stucco, it should be a company with a history of experience in working specifically with this material. A handyman may be able to mix up some stucco and patch a crack or two, but stucco is not like plaster, and if mistakes are made, they are much more costly with exterior walls than interior ones.

With stucco repair, it’s critical to remove all the loose pieces before applying fresh product, just as you must scrape peeling paint before putting on a new coat. Any stucco that’s not securely adhered to the lath beneath it should be removed, not just crumbling or cracked areas.

The area to be repaired also should be adequately covered with builder’s paper and lath.

Weather Is Key

Repairs should be done in only optimal weather. Freezing temperatures are the enemy of fresh stucco. The material gains its strength in the hardening process, as the water evaporates from the mixture. If the water quickly freezes, the drying process is disturbed. It’s important that temperatures stay above 40 degrees, even overnight, during the drying time.

Applying stucco in freezing temperatures causes other problems as well, as the cold makes it difficult for the material to remain pliable, and it tends to stick to itself more than the structure. This can result in a dry, crumbling finish.

Excessive heat is almost as bad, robbing the mixture of its moisture too quickly. If repairs must be made in extreme heat, its best to wait for some shade, if possible, or cover the work area in plastic to help retain moisture.

Mix it Right

If the weather’s right and the surface is prepared properly, it’s safe to mix and apply the stucco. The mixture has to have just the right proportions, however — it can’t just be eyeballed. If it isn’t mixed right, it may look OK at first, but it will be more vulnerable to cracking sooner.

Ram Builders can diagnose and quickly repair any problems you are having with your stucco exterior so your building is once again properly protected. When you need stucco repaired correctly, rely on us to do the job right.


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