Soffit and Fascia for Utah Homes

Soffit and Fascia for Utah Homes

Soffit and Fascia are more than just a visual structure to finish off the look of a home. They also help to keep pests out of your attic and protect your home from water and weather damage. Soffit refers to the component underneath the rafter tails running from the side of the home to the edge of the eaves. Fascia refers to the exposed visible part at the end of the rafter that creates a barrier between the roof’s edge and the outside. Soffit and Fascia are typically made from wood, aluminum, or vinyl. We recommend using metal for this portion of the home because it’s durable in our climate, creates a tight yet flexible seal, and doesn’t require paint touchups like wood does.

Why Aluminum is the Best Choice

Aluminum is a great material for soffit and fascia because it’s lightweight, can be easily cut, is able to fit various angles, and is durable. It requires little to no maintenance for your eaves, and with baked-enamel paint, they won’t rust or need to be repainted every few years. Wood can get damaged easily and is vulnerable to moisture issues and leaking. Warping, rotting, and crumbling are all common problems with wood soffit and fascia, especially in our climate. Vinyl is a better option than wood, but it can crack due to temperature fluctuations or pull away from the home resulting in gaps that can let water in. If left untreated, the entire gutter system will eventually get loose and possibly detach from the roof, creating a safety hazard and an expensive fix.

Aluminum is hearty enough to remain durable and strong during Utah’s weather shifts while also being light and easy to work with. It’s a great choice if your home has an exceptionally high-pitched roof because it creates an airtight seal around areas where water leak potential is high. Aluminum is also non-combustible, meaning it isn’t going to catch on fire very easily, unlike wood. This adds another layer of protection to your home.

Your pocketbook will thank you, and not just because you’ll save money on unnecessary damage and repairs. The tight seal of aluminum provides a more efficient flow of air within your home, so your HVAC system will run more effectively. (This also helps prevent the formation of icicles and ice dams on your roof—see our other blog for why you don’t want these.)

This part of your home needs to be installed correctly. If soffit and fascia are attached too tightly, the aluminum can ripple or bow, or it can expand and break as temperatures fluctuate. Ensure your new soffit and fascia withstands the test of time by getting it installed by a professional company with experience in Utah’s climate. RAM Builders does all our work on-site which means we can customize as needed and make sure the job is done in a timely manner. For the best soffit and fascia work in Utah, reach out to us anytime.


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