Construction Repairs & Exterior Stucco Services in Draper, Utah

RAM Builders Stucco and Exteriors specializes in repairing exterior construction faults that cause leaks and/or water damage. RAM Builders is capable of repairing all external components of a home, including the frame, roof, soffit, fascia, stucco, siding, stone, windows, and doors, as this is where the majority of construction faults occur. Our staff will install your full exterior with all components appropriately connected. We understand the importance of connecting each outside element to the next so that the shingle appearance is maintained from the roof to the foundation. In addition to being stucco contractors, we also provide concrete repair, deck waterproofing, and window replacement for our Draper, Utah residential, commercial, and HOA clients.

Cosmetic Stucco Repair & Home Exterior Remodeling

Painting or refinishing the stucco without strengthening the cracks can cause the fissures to show through the paint or new stucco finish, rendering the issue cosmetic rather than fixable.

RAM Builders will construct the exterior of your Draper house or business using only our own employees. We use few outside contractors and rely significantly on our own highly competent and specialized team since we have "ownership" over the placement and interaction of all exterior components. While we work, we take extensive measures to protect your property, including covering the ground, plants, trees, and cement flatwork with burlap to keep the stucco off of your plants and flowerbeds. You will be able to return to your home or place of business at any time during the repair procedure. We'll have the scaffolding up and ready to go so that you can continue using your garage and front door as usual. RAM operates in this manner, beginning operations immediately!

Draper Stucco Replacement

Based on issues you are already aware of, RAM Builders can offer an honest evaluation of what needs to be done to the exterior of your Draper, UT home, business, multi-family unit, or HOA complex. We can assess the condition of your stucco and the source of the leaks to offer a plan based on our repair techniques that will solve the problems you are most worried about. We use "non-intrusive" techniques to help with this procedure.

For the purpose of determining the extent of the job, we do not inspect the stucco. We undertake a visual assessment when we visit with the owner, and the work is based on their concerns and what is evident.

Other Services RAM Builders Offers

At RAM Builders, there is no job too big or too small for us to handle. This is one of the reasons why our business has been successful in Draper for over 26 years. We are able to perform exterior renovations as well as the repair of windows, doors, and decks due to our adaptability and external experience gained by specializing in addressing leaks since 1996. We offer an extensive selection of services and offer a three-year workmanship guarantee. Contact us to get a quote for your repairs.


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