Construction & Stucco Repair Services for Spanish Fork, Utah

Construction Repair is what RAM Builders Stucco and Exteriors does most of the time. Our niche or area of expertise is fixing problems with the outside of homes or places of business that lead to leaks or water damage. Most of these leaks happen because the different contractors who work on the outside don't connect their work. Since most Construction Defect Repairs on the outside of a home or places of businesses have to do with the framing, roof, soffit, fascia, stucco, siding, stone, windows, and doors, come together RAM Builders are familiar with all of these parts.

We are qualified to perform outside construction repairs, or the replacement of windows, doors, and decks because of our adaptability and knowledge of the exterior that comes from specializing in addressing leaks since 1996. Making repairs to a house or business structure accounts for around half of our labor.

Stucco Replacement for Spanish Fork, UT

RAM Builders can make a fair assessment of what needs to be done to the outside of your home, business, multi-family unit, or HOA community in Spanish Fork based on problems you already know about. By looking at the state of your stucco and where the leaks are coming in, we can make a proposal based on our repair methods that will address the issues you are most concerned about. We use "non-intrusive" tools to help with this process.

We don’t do stucco inspections that determine the scope of work. We do a visual inspection when we meet with the owner, with the work being based on the owner's concerns and that which is obvious.

Home Exterior Remodeling & Cosmetic Stucco Repair

RAM Builders will have a crew working on your project everyday! We will do all the work on your home or place of business so there’s no waiting around for a sub contractor whose schedule we can’t control. RAM Builders also specializes in working on homes and businesses that are occupied and landscaped. Additionally, we are sensitive to the needs and concerns of affected neighbors. We know the importance of tying each part of the exterior into the next part so that the shingle effect is maintained from the roof all the way down to the foundation. We use the knowledge that we have gained in repairing thousands of homes to build your new home or building right the first time.

RAM Builders can provide cosmetic stucco repairs to your home, business, multi-family or HOA communities. Random cracking is a cosmetic problem, which can be fixed only by using the proper techniques and the correct way to make cracked or damaged stucco look good is to re-coat it with similar materials to those that were original.

RAM Builders other Services

We offer a diverse selection of repairs for your home or business, everything from cracks and discoloration, to fully warrantied exterior remedial projects. We are the best in the business and stand behind all our work, repair work has been our primary specialty business since 1987. At RAM Builders, we stand behind our work by giving every job a three-year workmanship warranty, we look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today to get your repair quote.


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