Updating Your Home with Exterior Remodeling

Stucco Remodel Before & After in Holladay, Utah by RAM Builders Stucco & Exteriors

Remodeling your current home is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. You only want to trust an expert when it comes to investing in such an important asset. Since 1987, RAM Builders has proficiently served Utah with home exterior installation and remodeling including construction repairs, stucco repair and replacement, chimney repair, soffit and fascia installation and upgrades, and more. Too often we see an exterior “remodel” that was only superficial or cosmetic, but our team ensures we fix every problem fully without any unnecessary additional items or unreasonable rates. We employ a team of experts, not unpredictable subcontractors, so we stick to our timelines with our highly trained crew.

We understand how frustrating repairs and remodeling can become, with all the complexities and emotions that come with it. Our team is honest and kind, putting our full attention into your project to ensure your satisfaction. At the end of your remodeling project, we know you’ll love your new-to-you home. Since we specialize in remodels, we understand that your home is occupied and already landscaped. We are sensitive to these needs as well as concerns about noise and mess. We ensure our employees are clean and respectful of your property, guaranteeing you won’t need a landscaper to come in and fix our work area. We also use scaffolding in order to keep your garage and entry doors around your home open and unobstructed.

Our remodeling improvements range from full home makeovers to common touch-up repairs and renovations. A common exterior issue we repair is water damage from leaks. Properly joining connections and tie-ins is critical to the longevity of the exterior finishing on your home. Ensuring this process is done correctly is a top priority at RAM Builders, which will provide a longer lifespan to your finish work and will look gorgeous for years to come. We will handle these repairs as needed during your remodel making sure you're remodeling is done correctly for enhanced durability and beauty. With Utah’s real estate market booming right now, investing in your home is a wiser financial choice than selling and buying high. Plus, updating your home brings new life into your space and creates a positive atmosphere. Something relatively simple like changing the color of your stucco can give your home a completely new feel.

Our experienced employees also specialize in architectural accents. We love to design and install custom detailed castings to add personality and class to your home. Copper roof accents add value and an artistic curb appeal to your home that is rich and warm. Decorative “foam” accents can be tailored to your home to creative individuality and style, but don’t be fooled by the word foam—these are covered with fiberglass mesh and cement for endurance and look amazing when done professionally.

Give us a call today at 801-796-9699 and see why we have been Utah’s top choice for exterior remodeling for well over thirty years. Since we’re a team of employees, not subcontractors, we take ownership in every project we do with a full-time staff, specialized tools, extensive knowledge and experience, and undeniable skill and craftmanship.


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