When it comes to protecting your deck, especially those built over living spaces, the selection of waterproofing is extremely important. Conventional waterproof membranes, commonly used as the final layer, can be susceptible to failure, particularly when subjected to the elements in busy locations. Over time, these membranes can deteriorate, resulting in potential leaks and harm to the underlying living spaces. Here's why it's crucial to hire a professional for the task of keeping your deck fully waterproof and protected.

Ensuring your deck is equipped with top-notch waterproofing is essential for preserving its visual appeal, protecting its structural soundness, and boosting the value of your property. Overlooking this important aspect can have serious financial implications, as water damage can greatly degrade wood and other construction materials, leading to expensive repairs or the need for a complete deck replacement. 

Understanding the Problem with Traditional Waterproof Membranes

A popular choice for deck exteriors is a waterproof membrane. However, when these membranes are installed on decks above living areas, they can be prone to failure. There are several important factors that contribute to this:

Exposure to Weather: Sunlight, rain, snow, and foot traffic directly hit the waterproof membrane as the last layer. Constant exposure causes membrane collapse early.

Wear and Tear: The membrane, the top layer, takes the brunt of foot traffic on decks. Wear and strain can produce cracks and leaks, reducing waterproofness.

Maintenance Challenges: Maintaining an exposed membrane is challenging. Any minor damage or wear can quickly escalate into significant issues, requiring frequent and often costly repairs.

The Advantages of Modern Waterproofing Systems

Thankfully, the progress in waterproofing technology has resulted in the creation of exceptional systems that provide durable protection. These systems all follow a similar design principle: the waterproofing components are shielded from the elements by a strong outer layer. Foot traffic and weather won't damage its protective layer's waterproof barrier. The waterproof membrane's surface layer is durable and easy to maintain. The deck can withstand daily usage and harsh weather without leaks or damage. These solutions enhance waterproofing lifespan by preserving the membrane with a robust surface layer. With its extended lifespan, the membrane requires less repairs and upkeep.

Investing in professional waterproofing for your deck is essential, especially if it is placed over living spaces. Traditional waterproof membranes are prone to failure when exposed to the elements, but modern systems offer a more durable and long-lasting solution. By hiring a professional contractor, you ensure that your deck is properly protected, enhancing its lifespan and maintaining the integrity of the living spaces below. Don’t leave your deck’s protection to chance—trust the experts at RAM Builders Stucco & Exteriors to keep it safe and waterproof.



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