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Door Replacement

If you have a patio door that is hard to open or an entry door that sticks, or wood door that is split or beyond the point of being refinished, then a new door should be strongly considered. New doors are more secure with options for a 3 point lock mechanism, (http://www.thermatru.com/mediaCenter/TruPerformance/SafetySecurity.pdf) that secures the door at the jamb, the threshold and the header, they require less maintenance, and have better energy ratings. Since the front door is focal point of the home’s exterior it’s also a quick way to change the appearance and upgrade your home. New doors can be expensive, and for obvious reasons the installation of the door should not be the eventual weakness of the door. RAM Builders uses in-house employees to do all phases of our work to install the door. The exterior cladding around the door will be removed to completely tie into the secondary water management. The door will be properly flashed, and the flashings will tie into the secondary water management as well. A jamb sill guard (door pan) will be installed so water that comes in at the threshold is redirected onto the secondary water management, and the exterior cladding around the door will be installed so that you won’t be able to see the preparations and work we have done to install the door. The removal, replacement and painting of the interior trim around the door will also be done by RAM Builders.
RAM Builders

A vinyl or metal door pan is often recommended below door thresholds at exterior openings that are exposed to wind driven rains.

RAM Builders

It is sometimes necessary to provide and install custom metal flashings below doors at deck connections.

RAM Builders

Above, is a nearly finished door installation. The exterior trim still needs to be primed and painted.

  • A failed or leaking door does not always have to be replaced. We have “saved” many bad door installations by removing an existing door and installing a door pan beneath the threshold and then properly reinstalling the previous door.
  • Painting or staining can also be provided by RAM, or these services can be done by others.

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