Construction Repairs & Exterior Stucco Services in Bluffdale, UT

When it comes to fixing leaks and water damage caused by improper outside construction, RAM Builders Stucco and Exteriors is the company to call. Most problems with a building occur on the exterior, and RAM Builders can fix that. We can fix the frame, roof, soffit, fascia, stucco, siding, stone, windows, and doors. In addition, our team will ensure that all exterior components are properly linked and installed. Since the shingle aesthetic must be preserved from the roof to the foundation, we know the necessity of ensuring that all exterior elements are properly connected to one another. We are stucco contractors who also serve the commercial, institutional, and HOA clientele in Bluffdale, Utah with concrete repair, deck waterproofing, and window replacement.

Stucco Replacement in Bluffdale

We do not inspect the stucco in order to determine the scope of the job. When we visit the owner, we conduct a visual inspection, and the work is based on their concerns and what is seen.

RAM Builders can provide an honest assessment of what needs to be done to the exterior of your Bluffdale, UT house, business, multi-family unit, or HOA complex based on issues you are already aware of. We can examine the quality of your stucco and the cause of the leaks in order to provide a plan based on our restoration procedures that will address the issues that are most concerning to you. To assist in this operation, we employ "non-intrusive" procedures.

Cosmetic Stucco Repair & Home Exterior Remodeling

Your Bluffdale home or place of business will have its outside constructed by RAM Builders using just our own staff. We rely heavily on our own highly skilled and specialized staff and rarely hire outside contractors because we have "ownership" over the positioning and interaction of all outside components. Burlap is used to cover the ground, plants, trees, and cement flatwork to prevent stucco from getting on your plants and flowerbeds while we are working to preserve your property. Throughout the restoration process, you will always have access to your residence or place of business. You can use your garage and front door as normal because the scaffolding will be set up and prepared to go. RAM functions in this manner and gets to work right away!

Random stucco cracking is a cosmetic problem that can only be fixed by stopping the movement with the proper techniques; painting or refinishing the stucco without reinforcing the cracks will make the fissures visible through the paint or new stucco finish.

Other Services RAM Builders & Stucco Exteriors Offers

No work is too big or too small for RAM Builders to undertake. This is one of the factors that has contributed to the over 26-year success of our company in Bluffdale. Our versatility and the exterior experience we've acquired through specializing in fixing leaks since 1996 allow us to carry out exterior upgrades as well as the repair of windows, doors, and decks. We provide a wide range of services and a three-year craftsmanship warranty. Contact us to get a quote for your repairs.


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